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X-Ray Quality Control


Piranha Black X-ray multimeter
Easy & Fast X-ray Quality Control
Piranha X-ray multimeter
The Piranha comes ready-to-use. All you need is included, just connect the Piranha to your laptop and you have a complete QA-system. More info
Barracuda - Multimeter for X-ray QA and service
The Barracuda is an X-ray Analyser/Multimeter for
everybody working with Quality Assurance and
Service of X-ray systems.
Cobia Smart
Solidose - Dose and Dose Rate meter
Diagnostic dose meter for service and quality control of diagnostic X-ray
Cobia Flex
Not only does the Cobia Flex offer you a quick and accurate X-ray Quality Control
CT Dose Profiler
A Pioneer at Measuring CT Dose