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Nuclear Instrumentation & Medical Division

NIM 2009 Division specializes in importing, manufacturing and marketing radiation protection devices & instrumentation. It specializes also in manufacturing and marketing Medical Equipment.
NIM was established in 1989 as a proprietary limited managed company and on 01/01/2009 it was acquired by Emproco Ltd run by Mr. Brian M. Levy. The division's disciplines remain as they were and the products are marketed to customers in the fields of Research, Science, Medicine, Industry and Environmental Protection .
Over the years NIM has acquired considerable experience and knowledge in the radioactive radiation & medical equipment fields and represents the leading companies worldwide in these fields.
Since it was established, NIM has raised the flag of commitment to professionalism, fairness, loyalty and personal service to each and every client. In its new-old framework NIM 2009 guarantees to keep up with this commitment without compromises.